Illustrations created based on actual game specifications are released together with the project document.
Our company artists are able to propose the design after grasping the game specifications.
A portion of that work is shown below.
We are trying to be "a total artist with the qualities of a game designer".

Example of "RPG whose reality erodes in a different world" (Original Title)
When the reality is eroded in the different world, the elementary school student and hero of this game changes his clothes.
  • Lightweight image, good at running.
  • Express two aspects of personality in design.
  • ​Be careful not to become too fantasy.
Put out more characteristics as a character in a different world.
It is necessary to review the head and balance.
Design again based on ①.
Proposal of coloring and clothing
Adjust the body and balance of each part
to make it feel like a character from another world.
Design of the accessory of the hero.
As a characteristic of the main character,
we proposed a waist pouch.
Example of "High speed SAMURAI Action" (Original Title)
Design version without a mask,
and view from the back.
Key visual of a hero
  • Use "六文銭の家紋(family crests of SAMURAI era)" as a motif.
  • Do not be bound by the SAMURAI keyword.
  • ​Represent an image that uses various family crests.
Image for proposals and proposals