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Concept artists will share designs while discussing with game designers.
The process involved in that workflow is as shown below.
At our company, we propose various designs according to the product,

we keep in mind "True design" which will refine the work with clients.

Example of "YU ONI -夕鬼-" (Original Title)
​Rough Sketch

Discuss with the director and explore the image of the game from the keywords or concepts that were decided upon.

Because the medium to release is not yet decided yet,

sketches are created with emphasis on speed.

​Main Visual

Based on the idea that came out,

we created a visual that becomes the core.
The shadow monster that dominates the game world has become the main.

Scene Desgin

Create a scene as a stage for the game.
We decide the basic composition and building, and add more ideas here.

Modify the image based on feedback and add details.
Because of the nature of the game,

the light hues are not similar, so emphasize redness.
This produces doubtfulness.


We confirm the time and era setting more in detail,

and add elements that symbolize said setting.
As a factor that makes you feel uneasy, we put a monster on the right.

​Creature Design 

Based on the character setting, we create the sketch on the right.
We later discuss with them and create a character profile.

​Creature Design 

We develop from the original setting.

We then take advantage of suggestions from the director,

and create multiple different forms of creatures.
Finally, we create a picture on the right as an appearance image of a creature.

Example of  In-house competition "Hey, draw some Si-Fi picture quickly."
*It took 2 hours
*It took 3 hours to brush up.
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